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18 June, 2020

COVID-19 Plans for reopening have started...


My waiting list has now opened!


I am still awaiting the Government Guidelines regarding reopening The Studio. 
Until the Government confirms these, regarding the beauty industry, a date can not be guaranteed. 
However,  I am currently working towards reopening on July 4th. So fingers crossed. 🤞 I'm so excited to see you all!

Some of the restrictions that were put in place just before lockdown will remain for everyone's safety. 

I will be wearing PPE for all treatments.
This includes...
-A visor
-Medical mask
-Disposable Apron
-Disposable gloves

Please read below for more information in readiness for my reopening:

*Everyone who had an appointment cancelled from March onwards have been put onto a priority list and have been contacted.
Those on this list will be the first to be contacted for bookings, once I have a reopening date. 
If you would like to be added to the waiting list please email [email protected]

On entering The Studio I ask...

- That you come to your appointment alone and on time. If you are early you may be asked to wait for the current client to leave before you can enter.
- That you sanitise your hands before pressing the buzzer or touching the door handle.
- That you wash your hands in our bathroom before entering The Studio on the second floor. 
- That you stay in the waiting room until you are greeted.

During your treatment I ask...

- That you remove your shoes.

- That your wear a medical face mask, which can be purchased from us if you prefer, at a cost of £1.00.
- I will ask for your mask to be deposited in our medical waste bin, after use.

Making a Payment

- Contactless payment is available. Deposits have been increased to allow for the balance to be within the £30 contactless payment limit. (for the majority of treatments)
- Chip and pin is also available for those of you that don't have contactless. (Regular cleaning of the card machine after each client will take place)
- Bank transfers will also be accepted.
- Unfortunately I will not be able to accept CASH payments at this time. 

Advance bookings

- It is advised you re-book your regular treatments in advance online. 
This will ensure you are in complete control of your booking, enabling you to change the date or time and give you the ability to cancel your booking if required. 
- Advance bookings can be made at the time of payment when you are at The Studio. 
A deposit to secure this booking will be required at this time, however these bookings can only be edited by myself, I will need to be contacted if times or dates need to be changed going forward.

On exiting The Studio I ask...
- That you wash your hands in the bathroom.

Buffer times have been added to each booking to allow for clean down and sterilisation between each client. The buffer time also reduces the chance of cross contamination between clients. 
Please can I ask that you adhere to appointment times closely, to avoid these over- running, at this difficult time. 

I would like to thank you for your patience and understanding, and wish to reiterate that yours and my own safety are my top priority at all times. As well as delivering you the same high quality treatments as before. I am looking forwarded to seeing you all and want to thank you for your continued support through these unprecedented times. x