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29 January, 2020

Crystal Elixir Water Bottles are BACK!


Heal yourself from the inside.

So what are these bottles all about? Well apart from being nice to look at, these bottles allow you to create crystal elixir.
Each crystal has it's own properties and gives off a vibration, allowing the water to absorb the properties of the crystal, helping with healing and wellbeing.

Crystals currently available...

Amethyst - Calming. Great for anxiety and insomnia.
Black Tourmaline - Protection. Keeps those negative vibes at bay.
Rose Quartz - Feel Good. Aids with self love and compassion.
Clear Quartz - Clear mind. Aids concentration and brings balance.
Smoky Quartz - Grounding. Confidence boosting and detoxifying.
Rainbow Fluorite - Confidence. Helps with decision makeing and concentration.
Blue Fluorite - Emotional control. Increases empathy and the flow of abundance.

Limited stock is currently available. Pre orders are also being made,so email from the main page or contact us via social media, and tell us which bottle you'd like to reserve!