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29 July, 2019

Finally they are HERE! The Studio Teen Goddess Workshops


These have been spoken about for a while now and we can finally announce that our first workshop starts August 5th. There has been a lot of interest as this is quite a new concept.
We have allocated 8 spaces for this first workshop which consists of 4 x 2hr weekly sessions.
Session 1 will be offered at a discounted price as it is an introduction/taster so the girls can then decide if they wish to commit to the following 3.

What is the workshop about?

Initially aimed at 13-16 yr olds to help with embracing individuality and the modern day stresses of teenage life. We will be looking into perception- how they veiw others and how they view theirselves, encouraging self worth/belief and intention setting.


How do these workshops work?

  • With the use of specially designed workbooks, we will be discusssing , taking notes and learning new skills.
  • With the use of crystals we will be looking at altering mindset. Light meditation and other activities will be used to help with an overactive/overthinking mind.
  • We will also be using music, social media and other resources to help overcome moments where negative thinking could potentially kick in.
  • Set in the relaxed environment of The Studio in a friendly group environment. Refreshments and treats will also be provided.

This isn't a coucilling session but an interactive environment with the opportunity to connect with other teens going through similar issues with the potention of helping and lifting each other.