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16 January, 2020

NEW Lash services are now LIVE!


Lash Care is super important to maintain healthy natural lashes.

To help you maintain the health of your natural lashes, Lash Care services have been added to the booking system. They are FREE. Why? because I care about my clients and their lashes.
Removals are now FREE when booked with a reapplication of lashes in all styles.
Lash Baths are FREE when booked alongside any eyelash extensions service, full sets and infills.

Lash Baths

Lash baths are the best way to get any make up , dirt and oils out of the lashes. Its ALWAYS a good idea to have a lash bath before an infill. You can purchase a lash cleanser from the studio to use at home also. Dont panic, some of you are amazing at keeping your lashes clean. Over cleaning can cause irritation but its important to keep an eye on the cleanliness especially at the roots of your lashes.





Removals are advised at you 5th/6th infill but aren't always necessary. It depends on how often you are having infills. The health of your natural lashes and the condition of the glue on the remaining extensions. I will always advise if I think a removal is needed. However sometimes you may find your lashes are tangling or itching... this is the perfect indicator for a removal. Removals will always include a lash bath.


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