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17 July, 2019

Self expression for teens.

Correct me if I’m wrong but for many women, we don’t really start feeling like we actually know who we are till our mid 20’s early 30’s. It’s so liberating to get to your 30’s and actual accept the woman that you are because we all know it hasn’t been easy.

Self expression is a huge part of this and I’m sure many of you like me suppressed who you really were or didn’t try enough things to help you work out what your interests actually were through fear of being  rejected or you wouldn’t be good enough. Well I’m on a mission to try and change this for the next generation.... let’s help our teen goddesses find themselves by sharing our wisdom and exposing them to as much of life as possible.

I’ve got 5 points that can help us connect with our girls and encourage them to become who and what they want.



  • Feed their interests...

Everyone learns better when they are interested. If your daughter/relative has an interest in something ENCOURAGE it, whatever it may be.

Look at how they can learn through their interest. Does it teach them compassion? Empathy? What life lessons can the interest teach them? Are there things that their interest can teach them that they are not grasping through subjects at school?


  • Help them get closer to achieving their dreams...

Dreams can sound unachievable or just completely out there, this doesn’t mean they can’t be achieved. So rather than shun what might sound ridiculous sit down with your teen and break that dream down into achievable steps, be honest about what’s involved and let them decide if they are prepared to put the work in. Anything is achievable but it’s the consistency of repeating multiple small steps that accumulate to the outcome. Allowing them to see that anything is possible opens their minds to achieve amazing things and more importantly be true to themselves.


  • Teach them to empower their friends rather than see them as competition…

Teen girls really do see each other as competition and we need to disperse this. It’s toxic. If we can help them to empower each other at a young age then we will have more women empowering women. Some may have friends with the same goals, dreams and interests which some may be threatened by as someone may be better/doing better than them. It’s important we teach our teen girls that everyone is on their own journey in life, everyone is different and there is enough to go around for everyone. Let’s teach our girls to focus on themselves and make sure they are improving on yesterday whilst lifting those around them.



  • Let them know it’s ok to be different…

Different has always been seen as weird but we need our teen girls to embrace being different. Just because no one else likes the same music or hobbies doesn’t mean our girls should change to “fit in”. Being different is knowing yourself, so many teens just follow the crowd and do what is deemed as “cool” or “normal” for an easy life and not be ostracised. We need to teach our girls to embrace what is different as that is what makes them them. It’s what makes their soul sing, suppressing who they really are will only lead to problems in the future as they aren’t being true to themselves.


  • Expose them to as much as possible…

Some young girls don’t know what they do and don’t like, they follow the crowd. Expose them to different activities,sports, hobbies, until they find something they like. Let them have a go at everything as how else will they know? The more they experience the closer they will get to knowing who they are. A huge thing for teen girls is being part of a click,  especially at school. Many girls will hide parts of themselves from fear of not “fitting in” & being poked fun of. It’s so important to help them find interests away from school and their clicks so they have an outlet to be true to themselves, which will give them strength to no longer hide this from others and be proud of who they are.


Teen Goddess Workshops coming soon.