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18 July, 2019

Social Media Vs Reality It’s time to be realistic!


I was lucky enough to grow up as a teen with out social media, in fact my first mobile phone wouldn’t even allow me to send texts as they weren’t even a thing then!
Teens today have so much available to them all at the touch of their fingertips. There are so many advantages to this, however if not used correctly there can be some huge negatives.



People are so involved in each other’s lives these days as let’s face it nothings really private and it’s all over social media. Time is passed by scrolling through IG and FB feeds mindlessly. It’s a rarity to see people posting about their struggles and instead put their best face forward...posting their best achievements, best pictures, favourite memories. It’s easy to get sucked in and believe people are living their “best life” (I hate that # with a passion) and feel we are boring in comparison. This I feel is even more exasperated for teens... everything is such a big deal to them. EVERYTHING! 
So I feel we need to start educating them on the realities of REAL life! 



The IG and FB accounts they follow, the music they listen to, the friends they hang out with all condition their thinking and equate to their perception of the world. We need to start by encouraging them to follow accounts that they can relate to, that make them feel good about themselves and inspire them to achieve their goals.

I came across this article last week and had to share it with you all. This is something we NEED to show our daughters and young females of today. We need them to start taking people for the person they meet and see in the flesh not for the digitally enhanced image that is shown on their screens. Click the link for some IG Vs Reality shockers! These will actually blow your mind whilst giving you a bit of relief...

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