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08 April, 2020

We've got you, don't Panic!



You are on the Priority list for when we re open...

What an overwhelming confusing time we are living in at the moment. It’s not quite been 2 weeks since we were hit with the initial lockdown and I know many of you are struggling to adapt as are we! 
Self care hasn’t gone out of the window... just different forms of self care are taking priority. Active wear has become the go to outfit for the day. Hair scrapped up in a bun and no make up, but if any it’s tinted moisturiser and mascara... because we all like to do a little something to lift our spirits right?

Some of you will be stressed with your lash extensions growing out and your brows beginning to grow across your forehead. We get it. BUT please don’t try to remove those lashes with oil and please don’t over tweeze those brows. We are begging you.

Many of you had booked appointments in advance for, infills, top ups etc.
All bookings for April have been cancelled and you will have all received an email explaining the following...

All bookings will be cancelled from the system month by month.
You will be added to the priority booking list and contacted once we know the dates we can re open The Studio.
If you paid a booking fee, this will be transferred to a gift voucher so you can redeem this once The Studio re opens.

In the mean time we don’t want you damaging your lashes so Sammy is stocking up on home removal kits and Revitalash growth serum (this can also be used on your brows).
More information on these products can be found on the FB & IG feeds and a newsletter will be on its way shortly with more info for you. Or simply request more info by sending an email to [email protected].

Right now we want you to embrace all that you are, get used to seeing your natural beauty and learn to love the shit out of yourself, even if you don’t feel you look your best self. The more we can all love ourselves in our raw beauty the easier life becomes. Because once we are comfortable in our own skin we become unstoppable.

Sending you beauties so much love. Please stay safe, stay home and we will hopefully see each other very